It’s time for higher standards of global responsibilty and ethical behavior.

    .US.ORG is a new domain extension for organizations, projects, websites and people with a higher purpose than simply maximizing profits.

    .US.ORG has an inclusive registration policy that encourages organizations of all types to act ethically and responsibly, and to announce this commitment by using a .US.ORG domain name. .US.ORG domains are suitable for causes and charities, philanthropists, the ecological community, cultural institutions, churches, political organizations, sporting bodies, fundraising activities, consulates and other foreign government organizations in the US, student projects, community groups, and individuals seeking an online voice, as well as businesses that are socially and environmentally responsible.

    As a leader in the ethical and responsible use of domain names, .US.ORG will be announcing a number of innovations in such areas as:

    .US.ORG is powered by CentralNic, the innovative domain name registry with a fifteen year track record of secure and stable service with such domain extensions as .US.COM, .LA and .UK.COM. The only registry to launch two new domain extensions in 2010, CentralNic currently manages 25 domain extensions. CentralNic is headed by Ben Crawford, former Executive Producer of the Official Website of the Olympic Games and a founding executive of leading cultural websites, artinfo.com and Mutualart.com.

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    The validation of all trademarks for US.ORG registrations are managed by CHIP (Clearinghouse for Intellectual Property), the leading online depository for validated trademarks, registries and registrar. Deloitte Logo Deloitte Belgium has been appointed by CHIP as its primary and preferred partner for the validation of intellectual property claims submitted by brand owners and their registrars.

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